Video ads

You can share your brand and product stories on our trusted Amazon site.

This video highlights the performance of campaigns for US advertisers.
The results shown here are not guaranteed in other marketplaces.

How video ads work

Helps you reach high-relevancy customers

Going beyond traditional TV advertising, we help deliver brand messages to high-relevancy customers in many places where content is viewed.

Engage and connect

Video ads let you introduce brand messages, products and services.

Display in a safe environment

Display brand messages in a reliable, high-quality environment, such as on Amazon’s website.

Who can buy video ads?

You can run video ads regardless of whether you sell products on Amazon or not. You can purchase and manage ads with an Amazon Advertising consultant for managed services, or through your company or your agencies for self-services.

Prices vary depending on the format and placement.

How to get started

To learn more about campaigns using video ads, please contact an Amazon ad consultant.

Frequently asked questions

What screen is displayed when you click on the ad?

When a customer clicks on the ad, the customer will be taken to the Amazon product detail page, company website, or other pages.