Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are advertisings with brand logo and customizable headlines with a focus on a maximum of 3 products. These ads will appear in search results and support increasing brand and product lineup awareness.

This video highlights campaign performance directed to US advertisers.
The results shown here are not guaranteed in other marketplaces.

Getting started


Select the product that you want the ad to appear on.


Make creative ads with headlines and images.


Determine keywords to bid on and bid of cost-per-click.


Submit ads for publishing. It will be vetted within 72 hours.

Who can use Sponsored Brands?

They are retailers of large-volume exhibits, trading companies, agencies, and makers via wholesalers registered to Amazon Brand Registry.

How Sponsored Brands works

Increase in brand awareness

Sponsored Brands will appear in search results and make it easier to find advertiser’s brand. By utilizing custom messages, it uses appropriate methods for the brand to appear to customers.

We will guide customers to advertiser’s products

Sponsored Brands will appeal to customers who are searching for products that they want to purchase. When customers shopping on Amazon click on brand logo, they will be taken to the Store or custom landing page. Also, when customers click on the product, they will be taken to the product detail page.

Managing advertising fee

Because it will be charged on cost-per-click (CPC), advertising fee will only be charged when the ad is clicked. By setting the budget and selecting cost-per-click bid, you can manage the payout amount.